Best GPS maps and settings for route guidance?

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Best GPS maps and settings for route guidance?

Postby JackPozzi » Sat Oct 19, 2013 08:19 am

I've currently got a garmin 705, and for most of my longer rides I'll plan a route with bikehike then transfer it to the garmin to follow.

But sometimes, things come up while out on a ride and I'll want to divert, either to a different destination or get home as quickly as possible, so I resort to using the built in route guidance. I've yet to find some settings that I'm happy with though, I was doing some experimenting last night with different routing options to a cafe I stop at quite often. My normal route back from there is just over 20 miles which is pretty direct but doesn't take in any major roads. Garmin in bicycle mode took 5 minutes to plan a 40 mile route, and changing which boxes were ticked didn't seem to alter it much. Putting the garmin into car mode, it firstly routed me via the M11 so I checked avoid major roads and then it ended up with a similarly long route....

I'm currently using city navigator maps and have also tried the openstreetmap option on the past but neither seems particularly great and I find the city nav ones are better when searching for an address.

Does anyone if there any options out there which offer better routing, either map packages for the garmin, or a different cycle computer to the 705 altogether? At the moment I'm finding it better to call up google maps on my phone and trying to follow that, but it's not ideal, especially if I'm in an area with bad signal (most of the countryside it seems) or abroad and trying to avoid racking up data charges...

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