Forks on the Rockrider 5.3

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Forks on the Rockrider 5.3

Postby BigAl » Sat Oct 19, 2013 16:59 pm

I'm buying new bikes for my 13 year old twins for Christmas.

They're now big enough for small 26" bikes. Got about £350 to £400 to spend (each)

Obviously all the big brands have a (disc) bike at this point, though all have some compromises particularly the forks. Unsurprisingly, being 13, they are both keen to have a 'branded' bike.

But, went to Decathlon today, and seems as though one of them is persuaded by the RR 5.3. It's a lot of bike for £300, 9 speed, (cable) discs and smartly finished. But I can't find much info on the forks. Shop didn't know and web-site only specifies it as 100mm. I assume they are some SR or Suntour variety. Anyone know?

BTW the RR 8.? at £550 looks remarkable value. But I have to buy two, so it's out of the question

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Re: Forks on the Rockrider 5.3

Postby POAH » Sat Oct 19, 2013 17:07 pm

SR suntour XCR lockout by the looks of them - set rebound damping with lockout

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