Condor Fratello Winter Bike

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Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby Meirionatron » Wed Oct 23, 2013 21:19 pm




Frame: Condor Fratello 55cm
Forks: Kinesis 7075
Bars: Pro Vibe 7s 42cm
Stem: Planet X 120mm (17deg)
Headset: Generic (waiting for my new one to be delivered)
Bar Tape: Ambrossio White

Brake Calipers: Tektro + Swisstop Pads
Shifters: Sram Rival
Cables: Jagwire
Front Mech: Sram Rival
Rear Mech: Sram Rival

Seat: Fizik Aliante
Seat Post: 3T Dorico Pro (25mm setback)

Cranks: Truvativ Elita 175mm Compact (50/34)
Chain: KMC
Cassette: Sram 1070 11-28
Pedals: Shimano 105 5700
Bottom Bracket: Sram GXP

Wheelset: Shimano R500 (Going to hand build a better set when I have some spare money, any ideas?)
Tubes: Vittoria
Tires: Continental Gatorskin 23mm
Mudguards: SKS Chromoplastics

Accessories: Sram Quickview Garmin Mount, Fizik Saddle Bag, Elite Bottle Cages

This is by no means the lightest bike (at around 11kg with saddle bag) but it is a lovely riding bike, I have done 300 miles on this bike so far and it has proven to be rather comfortable compared to my carbon summer bike, granted it is a little slower off the mark due to weight.
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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby HouseMunkey » Wed Oct 23, 2013 21:31 pm

Thats a nice bike and a great price. Did you just source from the classifieds and a certain auction site? I used to get hung up about weights and all that but got over it, life isn't for being a stresshead weight weenie!

For wheels, see the gazillion and one threads in the buying advice section. Ugo and thecycleclinic always have great advice and I'd be surprised if they haven't gone over the options that would suit you before.

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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby Carl_P » Wed Oct 23, 2013 22:06 pm

Nice looking bike actually - very aggressive set up there!

Last thing you want is some twitchy featherweight offering when there's leaf action and ice just around the corner.
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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby Meirionatron » Wed Oct 23, 2013 22:29 pm

I picked the frame up by itself on that certain auction site, the title was a bit vague so I got it at a good price. I wanted a bike with 'proper' mudguards rather than Crud Roadracer's and a shortish headtube so this fit the bill perfectly :) Everything else was either brand new or from my parts box, I think I picked the seatpost up on the classifieds forum though.

I haven't worried about weight on my bikes for a while now (since I had my carbon bars and seatpost snap), I just want bikes I can trust, if lightweight comes into it it is a bonus I guess, this bike feels stable and I feel I can trust it under any condition that is thrown at me :) New wheels will lighten it up and make it more responsive though.

I have some new Ultegra 6600 hubs I bought last winter on sale, I will probably build them up with Mavic Open Pro's, Ambrossio Excellight or H Plus Sons rims, haven't decided yet although the many forum threads did help :)

The position is a bit aggressive but I find it's the only way I can ride without getting lower back pain (it sounds stupid with the bars being so low but it works for me).

I am really happy with the bike, I think it looks great and it rides just as I would like it to, I will see if I still feel the same way after this winter :)
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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby marcusjb » Wed Oct 23, 2013 22:36 pm

Cracking bike (being a Fratello owner, I would say that!)

Can't complain at putting that together for such good money.

Should be a very comfy mile-eater over the winter months.

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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby RideOnTime » Thu Oct 24, 2013 21:19 pm

nice for winter...

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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby Ledeev » Thu Oct 24, 2013 21:49 pm

Wheels: Ultegra 32h hubs on Mavic Open Pros would be my choice
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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby johnnymcg259 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 18:03 pm

Looks well but jeze............what a bar to hooks drop that is!......are you an orangutang? :shock:

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Re: Condor Fratello Winter Bike

Postby SecretSam » Sat Oct 26, 2013 09:25 am

Nice bike, great price and lovely colour (!)

But I fear it's too small if you need that much seat pin showing, and are your triple jointed or a pro or something that you can ride with that much of a drop from saddle to bars?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?
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