Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

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Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

Postby dukepaulus » Wed Oct 23, 2013 23:14 pm

Sorry to all if this is another of those "Oh no not again!! " questions but I'm fairly new to this and am trying to get my head right before splashing out my hard-earned.
What are the relative advantages and disadvantages with the various systems available for road tyres? I've only ever ridden clinchers with butyl tubes in them. I've read with great interest the thread about butyl vs Latex and am giving serious consideration to trying latex in my summer tyres next season if only to hear the sexy noise they're supposed to make.
As for Tubs and Tubeless systems I'm a complete virgin. Are Tubs worth while as a general use tyre or are they too much hassle? I guess if they puncture then it's got to be a case of replace the whole thing which seems to have serious budget issues, however they can't be all bad otherwise nobody would ever use them. What about tubeless systems for road tyres? This seems to be a growing option and they've had tubeless for mountain bike tyres for years. Again what about punctures? I can see the argument about less flats because of no pinch-punctures but is there really an advantage to being able to run lower pressures on road tyres?
What advice would you all give?

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Re: Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

Postby sungod » Thu Oct 24, 2013 04:38 am

unless roads are realy clean, or you're going to ride armoured ones, i'd not advise tubs for every day commuting etc., the light supple ones that are so nice to ride do not carry a lot of rubber, they'll cut just light a light clincher

repair on the road - sealant works on small/slow punctures, for larger ones you need to carry a spare otherwise you'll be stuck

you can repair them, just takes a bit of manual dexterity and summoning up the nerve to do the first one and ride it

haven't had a pinch flat in years, unless you hit a pothole/similar it's pretty rare on a correctly inflated road tyre

on skinny tyres there's no point in running at low pressure, they'll squirm badly and bottom out so easily that you'd risk damaging rims or sidewalls

latex inner tubes save a bit of weight, perhaps may not puncture as easily as butyl as they are so stretchy, but they do lose pressure fast so you need to inflate daily

haven't used tubeless, but some people realy like them
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Re: Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

Postby mattmaximus » Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:01 am

I'm sold on latex inners and open tubulars (open pave at the moment). If I had better sewing skills/more patience/ more money I'd be on tubs.

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Re: Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

Postby racingcondor » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:19 pm

While I'm increasingly a fan of tubs I wouldn't advise them for anyone who has to ask.

They do take some effort and most people first use them on race wheels then branch out when they realise that they love using their race wheels all the time. I think that's sensible as it means you know what to expect and won't consider them an expensive mistake later.

Tubeless. Personally I haven't been tempted by them. I know early on some of the tyres were pretty poor and while I'm sure that's changed it will take a lot to lure me away from my current tyre choices.

As someone who is 'fairly new' to this, the easy option is to stick with a standard clincher and tube set up. It's easy and it works very well so I wouldn't worry about it. Worth experimenting with latex tubes and some nice tyres though, last winter I really enojoyed running Vittoria Pave's with Michelin latex tubes.

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Re: Tubs, Tubes or Tubeless

Postby dukepaulus » Thu Oct 24, 2013 21:22 pm

Thanks for the replies folks. You've pretty much told me what I'd expected so it's great to find that my own opinions were nicely on the mark.
After some conversations with the guys at my local club and some of the replies to a previous post I put on here I'm giving serious consideration to the prospect of splitting my budget by looking for good pre-loved wheels so I can have a decent set of clinchers for training and general use and maybe a Sunday best set that will take tubs for use in the club TT's and Sat morning rides out. I'm sticking with butyl tubes for the winter and I'll get some nice light summer tyres and latex tubes for the spring and summer next year.

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