Before I pull the trigger SPD shoes/overshoes & pedals

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Before I pull the trigger SPD shoes/overshoes & pedals

Postby AndyH01 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 17:57 pm

Hi all.
I have a Trek 2.1 road bike used mainly for a five mile each way commute (towing a tag along and 5 yr old for a mile too) and touring, so finally looking to get some cycle specific shoes raher than trainers, as be doing occassional walking to shops/around school playground and urban stop/start traffic, I think I want double sided SPDs so I can walk in them when needed. So far I have seen these and like the look of them; ... ling-shoe/
Mainly gone for the carbon ones as want ones with the ratchet strap rather than just valcro, that and I am led to believe the soles are stiffer than fiber glass. I'm not too fussed about the weight saving, as I usually have a ruck sack on anyway, and not competitve racing. The only other shoes I can find in budget, that I like the look of are the Shimano M088 about £65 ... ike-shoes/
For an extra £15 is the carbon sole worth it or not?

For pedals looking at these
Don't know whether to go for something a bit wider, in case I wanted to ride in normal trainers for a short trip ie something like ... il-pedals/ (couple £ cheaper at Chain Reaction but price match)
For overshoes was looking at the DHB, however, currently out of stock so looking at either;
Apparently the heavy duty are less waterproof than the hardwear, however, they take more scuffs and bumps then the hardwear? As these be used for normal commuting with stop starts and walking, I think I'll be better off with the heavy duty, but I want something as waterproof as possible, as that be the main point of wearing them - to keep dry.

Any thoughts, advice or opinions most welcome on the above, along with any other suggestion with a similar budget £60-£80 on shoes, £20 on overshoes/pedals max with the £15 offer that wiggles currently have when spending £100?


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Re: Before I pull the trigger SPD shoes/overshoes & pedals

Postby Me-109 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 18:16 pm

I'd look at something other than carbon soles if you're not racing, for more walking comfort. I'd also consider winter MTB boots rather than shoes and overshoes. I've been using a set for years and stayed nice and dry. Get some lighter shoes for summer when funds allow.

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