Incident on Via Gellia

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Incident on Via Gellia

Postby Capt Slog » Mon Dec 02, 2013 09:24 am

I was driving along Via Gellia on Saturday (30th Nov) heading towards Buxton and was flashed by a car coming towards me; something up ahead obviously.

We soon came upon a small stack of stationary cars and I could see a couple of bike helmets bobbing around at the front. The cars pulled out of the queue in bits and bobs and soon it was just me looking at the back of the two bike and riders who hadn't moved but looked to have something wrong. There was a pull in of sorts about 100m further up and so i stopped and walked back to see if i could help.

I thought one of them had come off the bike, and this is what I asked when I got there. But no, they had been stopped by a car, the driver had got out and given it in the words of the rider, "the usual" (verbal) and then assaulted one of them. I asked if they were going to report it but they said not (!), he had the the car number but didn't think to get the other cars behind as witnesses. I then pointed out that his mate was a witness and he ought to do something.

They were reticent to make a big issue of it because the drivers wife was very upset and trying to stop him and the riders just wanted them both out of the way as quickly as possible. I can understand that this sounds really weird as you read it, but I respect their control which was more mature than mine (as I said at the time "why didn't deck the tw@t?" :lol: ).

I'm not going into details about what happened because that bit isn't my story to tell, but there was a bit of damage to one of the bikes. I offered to take them in the car but they said they were able to continue and I left them to it.

If you're one of the riders or know them I'd be interested to know if they took it any further.
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