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Bike Boxes - Advice

Postby mrc1 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 17:18 pm

If you are planning to fly with your bike in 2014, then I wanted to share the following article that I recently published on our website with a review of the various bike box options, recommendations on the best models and some hints and tips based on our experience of handling countless numbers of boxes and bags*. Hope you all enjoy - if you do, please do click like and share it with your friends!

The major take away point, is that of all the hundreds of guests we have had that have flown with their bikes, only one has received damage during transit. Unfortunately this was due to the bike being packed in a bag with minimal protection, so if you follow the advice in the article, you should be able to relax during the flight!

*As a disclaimer, we don't receive any commission, fees or anything else from any of the bike box companies (including the hire place - the discount code enables users to save £5 - we don't receive any commission from this) - all the advice and recommendations are based on our honest experience and what I would choose to do if flying with my bike.

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