Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

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Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby SecretSam » Mon Jan 27, 2014 16:29 pm

Hi all

Have an old (2005) Spesh Sirrus base model, which still has the original wheels which have never had anything done to them even after being thrashed across London numerous hundreds of times, etc etc. Despite their cheap spec - Formula hubs, Alex rims, 32h F/R (I think) they have been ace, tough as granite - not one pinged spoke, still fairly true. However, bearings are no doubt shot due to minimal maintenance :oops: . Still better than the utterly awful Maddux 3.0 wheels that came with my old CAAD8 - utter, utter sh**.

I also have a set of relatively under-used Shimano fitment Fulcrum R7s, which would no doubt fit quite nicely and weigh a little less (relatively unimportant), but would they be as 'tough' - would be using for 1x/2x weekly 30 mile round tripe commute to office? The reason I ask is that I've finally ordered a new chain and cassette for the old faithful, and the R7s are just hanging up in the garage!
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Re: Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby MrBrightside » Mon Jan 27, 2014 17:04 pm

I purchased the R3's due to their bombproof reputation, the genral concenous on these wheels was you dont tend to hear a bad word about them.

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Re: Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby bigflangesmallsprocket » Mon Jan 27, 2014 17:25 pm

If you're on a budget and the stock wheels are fine, theres no need to get rid of them, just get the bearings sorted on your stock wheels and use them for crappy weather and commuting, and stick the F7's on when it's nice, they'll make you think you're faster even it you're not :wink: . I was asking elsewhere about F5's and was told there's not much in it at all between the F5 and F7 by someone who'd used both, so they're obviously decent wheels. If you've got spare cassettes and tyres lying round then you can save time switching over by having tyres and cassettes on the F7's just in case you're in the mood.

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Re: Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby taff.. » Mon Jan 27, 2014 18:34 pm

i have the R7's on my Argon, weighing a fag packet under 100Kg I've found them absolutely solid over the 2k miles or so that they've done. the only time they've been to the shop to be straightened was after hitting this hole at about 25mph


the rim landed up with a 1mm flatspot but was straightened

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Re: Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby Old_Timer » Tue Jan 28, 2014 13:44 pm

Depends on your size/weight, I have had stock Fulcrum Racing7 now for 2 years and nary a whimper out of them, I'm 198# now, was 278 when I got them. No loosening spokes or rim problems and our roads in the rural area we live in are rough as yours in Blighty from the pictures I have seen. they are good wheels as far as I am concerned.

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Re: Fulcrum Racing 7s vs stock wheels

Postby andy_wrx » Tue Jan 28, 2014 18:05 pm

I've got a 2004-model Allez and my wife had a 2006 Sirrus with the same wheels - Alex rims, 'Spesh' hub which is probably a Formula, 36 spokes rear and 28 radial front on my Allez, 36 2-cross both on the Sirrus

On my Allez, they've been awful - had loads of spokes ping on the rear, both sides, and the bearings need a fair bit of repacking and maintenance.
But I've been using them as a cheap option Winter wheels I did't worry about using when there's grit and sh1te on the road.
Finally I think mine have now had it, the rims are very worn to the point I was thinking I shouldn't use them but the freehub is snow lipping - I've had it off and removed the rubber seal at the back and slopped some lube in but they're not having it
- but they are 11 year-old wheels and I've done a *lot* of miles on them, never had to touch the freehub before.

My wife had her Sirrus for 4 years I think, but they never caused any trouble there, she didn't do a lot of miles, but I simply had to retrue them a couple of times.

I also have a pair of Fulcrum Racing 5 from 2006 (pre-Evo : these have round J-spokes and are more similar to the R7 than the later R5-Evo from 2008-on, but with a 18F 27R spoke count)
I've used these on my Summer bike as training wheels and they've been great - only needing touching with the spoke key twice.

They're not the lightest wheels, my Ksyrium Elites are 550g lighter with same tyres and cassette and feel a huge amount lighter and more zippy when I put them on, but the Fulcrums have been bombproof and the rims don't seem to be wearing that much either (mainly dry use in Summer)

With their round J-spokes, I've also taken them abroad a couple of times - if I did stuff a spoke, they'd be easy to fix

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