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Advice on type of bike

Postby converse2020 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 13:18 pm

I am looking at buying another bike through cycle I need to sign up in next few weeks. My background is road bikes and currently ride a Planet X Pro Carbon.I also have an old Specialized Rockhopper that I ride off road as intended but also occasionally on road (with fat boy slicks).

I'm inclined to sell the Rockhopper and buy something in a hybrid style to replace it as I don't need suspension for the off roading I do, but everything now seems to be CX based and whilst drops are great for riding distances I prefer flat bars for pottering about.

I'd like something light weight and simple but needs to look good. I could be tempted to spend around £1000 via cyclescheme
Boardman hybrids look good but are out due to my scheme. Planet X do the XLS with a flat bar but I wonder if there are bikes out there with better wheels and less weight (eg no disc brakes) but still able to take some off road abuse.

My other option is to buy a 2nd hand classic light weight mountain bike -a friend has a Klein that is lovely and is very light, but are there any other recommendations ??


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