Kona taro 2013- upgrades

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Kona taro 2013- upgrades

Postby Larm80 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 16:21 pm

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After a year of riding the 2013 kona taro I feel some upgrades are required.....

Firstly I mainly want to achieve an extra gear up and down. For steep hills and decent...

Have been looking at changing the chainring to a raceface narrow/wide 104 BCD 36 or 38 but thinking 38 may be a little too much for the hills??

Also thinking about putting a hope 40 TREX on a new 10 speed cassette/freewheel...

Maybe change the 12-36 to say 9-40 with TREX on?? With this in mind a 36 chain ring should be what I'm looking for...

New rear derailleur xt shadow ...

Hope tech 3 E4 brakes with Hope Floating (Saw) Rotor 180 and 160...

Any input or comments welcome

Many thanks liam

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Re: Kona taro 2013- upgrades

Postby cooldad » Sun Apr 27, 2014 18:25 pm

Not sure what the first few lines mean, but I'm not sure how you are going to manage 9-40.
Also without knowing the current spec it's difficult to comment but it sounds like a lot of money to throw at it. You'll also need shifter and chain, and you can get better brakes for less money. Floating rotors are also pointless.
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