A selection of your commuting bike pics

Trusty machines for the daily grind

The commuting section of the forum has been a massive hit since its introduction and is an excellent place to share advice, rant about the latest bike-car interface and generally improve the daily trip to and from work.

One ongoing thread has been ‘Commuting bike pics’, where members have posted photos of their bikes – from recumbent speed machines to singlespeed fixed city bikes, and everything in between.

We thought we’d put together a selection for you to have a goggle at, and when you’re done why not head over to the thread and add your bike to the gallery.

This is BentMikey’s Challenge Hurricane recumbent, which has been fitted with a Novosport tail fairing. BentMikey paid £850 second-hand for this sporty production model 'bent. Mikey says the Hurricane is quite a bit faster than most road bikes on the flat.

This is Professorlandslide’s Specialized Globe Mity folder from 2005 in 'summer-use mode'. Modifications include an On-One Midge bar, mountain bike stem, Kona flat pedals and BMX tyres. When transformed for winter use, the Mity has knobbly tyres and twin headlights.

Rjcastillo’s home-brewed Reg Harris frame, a singlespeed with aero bars, cost about £160 to put together.

Mog Uk’s Btwin racer is used for his daily commute and at weekends on training rides. Mog changed the bar and stem as the standard reach was too short. At the £125 that Mog bagged it for, it sounds like a steal.

SamWise72’s Raleigh Superbe. A heavy bike, but the only real complaint is poor brake performance in the wet.

What would a commuting article be without the mention of a Brompton? Small and perfectly formed, this is Clever Pun’s Brompton folder.

Gtvlusso bought his Boardman Team bike via the Bike to Work scheme and intends to use it for full-time commuting duties.

Snooks’ 'wolf in rusty sheep's clothing' 1994 Marin is equipped with Schalbe City Jet slicks, a 48-tooth chainring, flat sawn-off bars, SPD pedals, Selle Italia Flite gel saddle and an all-important go-faster Diet Coke can seatpost shim. Snooks uses the Marin on a commute round trip of 26 miles, which takes 50 minutes each way, dependent on the wind direction.

Benzjammin1980 picked up his 2006 Raleigh Airlite at his local Halfords store in a clearance sale for £50 (damaged drop bars, frame scratches). The bike was completed with a flat bar out of the bargain bin for £1 and two new brake inner cables for £4. The addition of some old levers, SPDs, grips and bar ends completed this red road machine.

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