BikeRadar Live: Human Powered Vehicle race report

Steve Slade and Lee Wakefield fly around Brands Hatch

Steve Slade and Lee Wakefield flew around the Brands Hatch Indy circuit at BikeRadar Live to claim first and second in the Human Power Vehicle Race on Saturday evening.

The pair rode in almost identical fully-faired machines, Beano and Beany, that were amazing to watch as they made light work of the climbs and the wind.

Slade averaged 30.64mph to complete 19 x 1.2 mile laps in 43'54, while Wakefield was a couple of miles an hour slower, managing 18 laps. Third place went to Derek Tweddle in Yellowdonkey, clocking 17 laps in 45'46 for an average of 26.3mph. An impressive result after a crash earlier in the race.

Tweddle crashed on Graham Hill Bend (the left hand corner at the bottom of the second descent) not long after Andrew Sidwell crashed at the same place. Sidwell only managed one lap in the end, while Tweddle picked himself up and continued, albeit with a dented machine.

Derek tweddle (r) rides to third place in his dented yellowdonkey machine: derek tweddle (r) rides to third place in his dented yellowdonkey machine

Derek Tweddle (R) on his way to third after an early race crash


NameNrBike NameClassLapsminsAvg (mph)
1Steve Slade1BeanoO1943:54.3030.64
2Lee Wakefield2BeanyO1844:34.2328.59
3Derek Tweddle96YellowdonkeyO1745:46.0726.3
4Tim Costen55WaspO1543:56.5724.17
5Mike Burrows0Ratracer CadillacO/P1544:07.2024.07
6Simon Sanderson67AV-ACGO1545:45.1023.21
7Miles Kingsbury72QuestO/Mf/M1245:14.5718.78
8Gerry Charlwood137KingcycleO/P/U/St/S1245:34.6318.64
9Hannah Tweddle4Snow Leopard 2O/L/J1045:18.3315.63
10David CallawayBlack RaptoO/P/U943:57.3714.5
11Judith Griffifths116PocketO/P/U/L/Lp/Mf/M945:28.6714.01
12John Lucien86KMX R2O/P/Mf/M947:41.3313.36
13Andy Forey112Moulton deluxeO743:55.0011.29
14Rhys HughesWhite RaptoO/P/U543:55.008.06
15Heather Fortnum104Mason KingO/P/L/Lp/St/S243:55.003.22
16Andrew Sidwell102Black AdderO/P143:55.001.61

Results courtesy of the British Human Powered Vehicle Club

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