Camelbak previews all-new Podium water bottles

More compact, easy to squeeze and easy to clean

Camelbak has redesigned its popular Podium water bottle range for 2014. They're more compactly shaped, easier to squeeze and easier to clean, too.

The most significant change to the Podium bottles is the new cap, which retains the one-way valve and twist-lock features. The valve has been resized for greater flow, however, and the twist-lock is easier to operate. Best of all, the valve has been repositioned into the rubber bite piece and it's more readily removable for cleaning.

The new Podium top pops off easily for cleaning

Camelbak has also updated the shape of the bottle itself. Volumes remain the same as before at 610mL/21oz for the smaller size and 710mL/24oz for the bigger option but the finger grips are less intrusive so the bottles are now a tad shorter.

Pricing is mostly unchanged at US$9 for the standard Podium, US$10 for the larger size, US$13 for the standard insulated Podium Chill, and US$15 for the larger Podium Chill. UK pricing was not immediately available. Don't expect to find any of them in stores until January, however.

Hydration packs are unchanged for this year with the exception of brighter color options throughout to reflect similar trends in other segments of the industry. Most of the packs will still be available in more subdued hues, too.

The women's Spark 10

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