Campagnolo launches Bora Ultra 35 tubulars

1,230g wheelset wtih 35mm rim and diamond-machined brake track

At the Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York this weekend, Campagnolo launched the Bora Ultra 35, a new 1,230g wheelset that fills a hole in the Italian company's racing tubular line between the Hyperon climbing wheels and the 50mm aero wheels for flat courses.

Weighing a mere 530g for the front and 700g for the rear yet offering some aerodynamic advantages, Campagnolo claims this is the best all-around wheel for racing.

The Bora Ultra 35 features a diamond-sanded brake track

With a new carbon fiber layup, Campagnolo claims this wheel is stiffer than the Hyperon.

Pricing was not immediately available.

Perhaps most interesting about the new wheels is the braking arrangement. In addition to new, internally designed and produced carbon-specific pads, Campagnolo has a treatment for the carbon brake track that it calls 3Diamont Surface. In its Italian factory, Campagnolo uses a diamond-tipped tool that scrapes off resin, leaving a bare carbon surface for braking. The company claims that this process eliminates impurities that can result from sanding the surface to remove resin. The goal is to improve braking in the dry and wet, not only to make it more positive, but also smoother and more linear.

There are three Bora Ultra 35 models. The top Bora Ultra 35 features CULT ceramic bearings. The Bora Utrra One 35 features USB bearings. And the Bora One 35 CX is for cyclocross. All three use the same rim and all three are tubular only.

The Bora Ultra 35 slots between the Hyperon climbing tubular and the Bora and Bullet 50mm wheels

The rims have what Campagnolo calls 'Rim Dynamic Balance', meaning extra carbon is placed opposite the valve hole to balance out the wheel.

Keen-eyed race fans may have seen these wheels pop up in recent races under the Lampre-Merida pro squad with Campagnolo's Fulcrum label.

Campagnolo already has a 35mm wheel in the line, the Scirocco H35. But that is clincher with an aluminum brake track. The Scirocco weighs a claimed 788g and 937g, front and rear.

At 1,230g for the pair, the Bora Ultra 35 is nearly as hyper-light as Campagnolo's Hyperon Ultra Two tubular, at 536g and 695g front and rear. But this new wheel is stiffer and considerably more aero, said Campagnolo PR manager Joshua Riddle.

The top-level wheel gets CULT ceramic hub bearings

"This is something that our professional riders requested, and it really is the most versatile race wheel in the line-up," Riddle said.

Campagnolo also now has an 11-27 cassette.

Check back soon for a first ride review of the Bora Ultra 35.

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