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Elite Men: Barker pips Dowsett

Yanto Barker (Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago) and Alex Dowsett (Trek-Livestrong) fought out a thrilling finish in the elite men's Hot Chillee Circuit Race at BikeRadar Live. Despite Dowsett's determination, it was Barker who got it on the line with a big bike throw. That won the Welshman a pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels and a trip for two to Stephen Roche's Marina hotel in Nice.

Barker knew it would be close, but he managed to get Dowsett to lead it out into the headwind, spurred on by the fact that chasers Ian Field (3rd) and Wouter Sybrandy (4th) closing in fast. Dowsett gave it his best shot, but Barker was just too good.

"It was hard as we were closely matched," said Barker, who also traded attacks with Dowsett in the last three laps. "I thought if he's going to attack, I'm going over the top."

Dowsett was disappointed not to win the big prize, but took it well, as he'd won the Procycling Hot Laps earlier in the day.

"In the last five laps we must have had three attacks each," said Dowsett. "We matched each other."

"Where I went wrong was with one lap to go I was on the front. I was conscious of Ian Field closing in. I took a higher line in the final corner to try to make more use of the downhill finish, but it wasn't enough."

Alex dowsett leads yanto barker: alex dowsett leads yanto barker

Dowsett and Barker

Wouter sybrandy leads the first chase group: wouter sybrandy leads the first chase group

Sybrandy, Millard and Field

Dave clarke leads chase group 2: dave clarke leads chase group 2

Dave Clarke leads the third group

The winning breakaway in the 1hr45 plus five lap race started to take shape after just a few laps. At first it was four riders, then eight and finally two once Dowsett bridged across to a solo move by Barker with around 45 minutes to go.

Behind them, Ian Field (SiS), Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport) and James Millard (Cycle Premier-Metaltek) worked together to try to keep the pair in sight, while further back Dave Clarke (Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago) formed a group with Jerone Walters and Gareth Montgomery (Sigma Sport) and Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing). The rest of the bunch was in tatters by halfway, all of them being lapped by the leaders before the end.

Dowsett and Barker were the strongest riders in the race but let their 40 plus second gap dwindle to just a few seconds by the final lap as each tried to force the other to do more work. In the end there could only be one winner.

Women: Filsell with late move

Vicki visell wins the women's race: vicki visell wins the women's race

Vicki Filsell wins it

Vicki Filsell from Pearson Cycles won the women's Hot Chillee Circuit Race, beating Jo Lecoq (Velo Sport Jersey) and Charmaine Brown (Pearson Cycles).

Filsell attacked with one and a half laps to go, and just held off the fast finishing Lecoq to the line. That won her a weekend for two at Stephen Roche's hotel in Nice, more than enough to spur her on to the line.

"The motorcycle marshal was talking to me and telling me don't 'look back, keep going'," said a happy Filsell after the finish.

"It was much harder than I thought. I don't realise how hilly and windy the circuit was,."

Filsell said it was her first season back racing after a lengthy break: she used to race track in the '90s. She's now looking forward to the rest of the season.

"We're currently leading the London Women's Cycle Racing League," she said of her Pearson Cycles team. "There's two more races to go. Kingston Wheelers are good, they're our closest rivals. Luckily they weren't here today."

Pearson cycles dominated the women's race: pearson cycles dominated the women's race

Pearson Cycles had the numbers

Pearson Cycles definitely had the numbers in the 45 minute plus five lap race. It didn't take long for the lead group to be whittled down to seven, with four Pearson riders: Filsell, Brown, Helen Keaton and Niki Oh, two Velo Sport Jersey riders including Jo Lecoq, and one rider from Southborough Wheelers.

Velo Sport Jersey did not have the numbers to match Pearsons, and the latter used that to their advantage in the closing laps. In the end it was Filsell who made the winning move, although she did have to work to stay away. Lecoq was bearing down on her in the finish straight but just ran out of road and had to be content with second.

Go Race: Slijkhuis head and shoulders above rest

Peter slijkhuis was untouchable in the go race: peter slijkhuis was untouchable in the go race

Peter Slijkhuis in action

The Go Race for beginners saw an expected mix of abilities with one very clear winner. Dutchman Peter Slijkhuis, who now lives in Watford and works for SiS, broke away early and was never headed. He nearly lapped the next bunch, which was led home by Procycling's Jamie Wilkins, with Simon Herrington taking third.

Slijkhuis rode the 106 mile sportive yesterday and did an impressive 5:21:33. He obviously didn't feel it too much in his legs today as he continue to open up the gap. But although he's never done a road race, he has been a triathlete for 20 years and is well used to pain. He's targeting the Ironman World Championships in Kona in October.

Today, he told us he wasn't sure about such an early attack, going as he did in the first few laps. "I could see they weren't getting closer so I decided to keep going. The last few laps were hard. I didn't want to use the small ring but it was really windy."

Jamie wilkins finished second in the go race: jamie wilkins finished second in the go race

Jamie Wilkins on the front of the chase group

It was with a small sense of irony that second placed Jamie Wilkins claimed his prize: a year's subscription to his own magazine, Procycling. Although he probably doesn't need any extra copies, he did enjoy the race and can't wait to do some more, maybe at Castle Combe in future.

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Elite Men
1 Yanto Barker (Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago)
2 Alex Dowsett (Trek-Livestrong)
3 Ian Field (Science in Sport)
4 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport-Specialized)
5 James Millard (Cycle Premier-Metaltek)
6 Jerone Walters (Sigma Sport-Specialized)
7 Dave Clarke (Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago)
8 Paul Oldham (Hope)
9 Gareth Montgomery (Sigma Sport-Specialized)
10 Richard Mardle (Hot Chillee)
Women E1/2/3/4
1 Vicki Filsell (Pearson Cycles)
2 Jo Lecoq (Velo Sport Jersey)
3 Charmaine Brown (Pearson Cycles)
4 Helen Keaton (Pearson Cycles)
5 Niki Oh (Pearson Cycles)
Go Race
1 Peter Slijkhuis
2 Jamie Wilkins
3 Simon Herrington
4 A Scott
5 S Worner

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