Inside the Belgian headquarters at cyclocross worlds

20 riders, 66 bikes, 280 wheels — and an army of support staff

The Belgian national brought twenty riders to Louisville, Kentucky, for the first-ever UCI cyclocross world championship to be held on US soil.

What's it take to support 20 riders? Try 66 bikes, 140 sets of wheels (all with tires mounted, mind you), countless spare parts and repair equipment and an army of team mechanics and staff.

The Belgians aren't just coming – they're here, and in a big, big way.

We took a tour of their team area, which occupied a sizable conference room inside a local hotel. While it's not a proper service course by any means, it's  impressive considering the logistics of getting all of these people and gear here.

Stay tuned for more in-depth features on some key Belgian team bikes, too, from cyclocross worlds. We're just getting started here.

In the meantime, dig into this huge photo gallery.

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