Interbike 2011: New accessories from Lezyne and SKS (video)

LED Lights, pumps, tools and fenders

Lezyne branches out and builds up

Accessory company Lezyne is branching out into yet another product category for 2012: self-contained LED lights.  While that segment of the market is already highly saturated, Lezyne has infused its trio of models with its own design flair and some rather unique features.

The claimed outputs are impressive considering the size and weight.  The top-end Super Drive model churns out 450 lumens – good enough for legitimate trail riding – while weighing just 126g and yet will still supposedly run for 90 minutes at full power.  The mid-range Power Drive supposedly produces 300 lumens at 120g, and the smallest Mini Drive model still pumps out 150 lumens at a measly 66g.  All of the lights have various output settings to extend the burn time along with blinking modes for high visibility.

All three models also use extruded aluminum housings, highly polished reflectors, and tightly threaded-on caps at both ends that render them virtually waterproof (Lezyne doesn't bill them as such but the company says all of the lights have been successfully tested underwater).  The USB-rechargeable batteries are easily removable and also non-proprietary, meaning that users can also simply buy spares as necessary at local hardware or electronics stores to extend the run time.

Lezyne will include both 25.4mm and 31.8mm-diameter bar mounts with each light and a helmet mount option is currently in development. 

Updated mini pumps with ABS heads

Lezyne hasn't neglected its bread-and-butter pump category, however.  Major news includes a lower-priced floor pump built with an alloy body, wooden handle, and a new composite base.  All of Lezyne's floor pumps will get new heads, too, with a trick Air Bleed System that depressurizes the hose for easier chuck removal plus a press-fit right-angle head that works with non-threaded valve stems or disc wheels

That ABS design even makes its way into Lezyne's superb range of mini-pumps, while road versions get a new reversible Presta-specific hose with a threaded chuck at one end and a press-fit head at the other one.

Finally, there's even a bigger collection of shop-quality tools as well. 

The CNC Rod with cassette remover inserts

The ultra-shiny CNC Rod is essentially just an extruded section of aluminum but with a hexagonal receptacle at one end that accepts a variety of forged steel inserts: a reversible Shimano-type splined bottom bracket and cassette tool, a reversible bottom bracket tool for eight-point external or ISIS internal-spline cups, and finally a single-purpose tool just for Shimano-type bottom brackets. 

Lezyne uses the same extrusion for the handle of its new CNC pedal wrench and CNC chain whip, lending both a meaty grip and lots of leverage for breaking loose stubborn fasteners.  Both tools are also available with wooden handles to save a bit of money.

This three-way tool has replaceable bits

Three-way wrenches are notorious for heavy use in a shop environment and invariably, it's almost always one of the three bits that wears out first.  Lezyne's new version, however, uses three replaceable separate steel bits all clamped in a bolt-together aluminum housing.  Not only will the bits be available separately butLezyne will even include an extra set with each tool.

Finally, there's the remarkably beefy Shop Shock Drive suspension pump, built with Lezyne's usual aluminum construction, a comfortable T-handle, a durable braided steel hose and no-loss chuck, a screw-type bleed valve, and a giant pressure gauge that's oil filled to help prevent impact damage.

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Video: Lezyne lights and tools (taken at Eurobike 2011)

New pumps, fenders, and tools from SKS

SKS Spaero mini-pump

SKS showed off several new mini-pump designs at this year's Interbike Outdoor Demo, including the new plastic Spaero Deep Black and alloy SpaeroAlu.  Both feature extendable hoses with reversible screw-on heads along with an impressively long pump stroke considering the relatively short body length.  The maximum 73psi pressure rating limits its use to mountain bikes, though.

Also new is the Aeron aluminum-bodied mountain bike-specific mini-pump with a reversible thumb-lock head and the road or mountain-appropriate Injex series with a flip-out T-handle and 144psi maximum pressure rating.

SKS's new Longboard fenders

Riders who frequent wet conditions will be happy to see SKS's new Longboard fenders, which extend notably further around the rear edge of the front and back wheels to provide more effective coverage to normally susceptible bits like your feet.  SKS will offer the Longboard in standard full-wrap configurations as well as a clever quick-release road version that's split in its mid-section to work with tight-clearance frames.

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