Interbike: Sidi’s shoes for 2010

Celebrating 50 years with new models and colours

Sidi celebrates its 50th anniversary in the best way possible – with new shoe models plus an awesome new colour for 2010.

On the road, the top-end Ergo 2 and Genius 6.6 get brand new Carbon Lite sole plates, built using a longitudinally corrugated sandwich of a new Aeronet Lite material and carbon fibre. 

Sidi says the new plates cut 50g of weight per pair as compared to the old carbon outsole while still retaining a bit of tuned flex in the toe for all-day comfort. As before, the new plates will be three-hole compatible and will include a fourth hole for Look's handy memory tab.

Sidi says the new Carbon Lite sole plate is about 50g lighter per pair while still retaining a bit of flex under the toes for long-distance comfort.

The updated Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite and carryover Dragon 2 Carbon will also signal the arrival of a bold new white and blue Vernice finish.

The Sidi Spider SRS blends a replaceable outsole and reinforced toe into the company's trademark fit and feel.

Cross-country and cyclo-cross riders might be particularly interested in the all-new Spider SRS, which borrows the nylon outsole of last year's Dominator 5 for easier run-ups but adds Sidi's Sole Replacement System to extend the usable life of the shoe. Since the lugs are replaceable, a softer compound is used relative to non-SRS models for better grip off the bike.

Up top, the Spider SRS will use the familiar ratcheting adjustable main strap and twin High Security Velcro forefoot straps for a secure hold but the toe will also get additional rubber reinforcement to guard against impact and generally prevent wear. The Spider SRS will be available only in a black Vernice finish.

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