Le Col tights review£149.99

Comfy cold-weather kit

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Le Col have refined their tights this winter, moving the leg seams away from the front of the knee to reduce irritation on longer days in the saddle. This works well, too.

We weren't so keen on the seam at the back of the knee though, which is supposed to eliminate fabric bunching when the leg is bent but doesn't seem to have much effect and feels obtrusive. That apart, the tights are well put together, if a touch pricey.

Fleece-lined from top to bottom, they're ideal for late autumn rides. The high rising front and rear boost warmth and we could barely feel the shoulder straps. Dashes of reflective detailing were effective in fading light, while the reinforced seams mean they should last, too.

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