Magura unveil new MT disc brake range

New 'family' of brakes, from £99 to £299

We showed you the first pictures of Magura's new flagship disc brake, the MT8, before Christmas. Well, now the Germany company have released shots of the other three brakes in the new MT 'family', along with details and UK pricing.

All of the MT (Mission Team) brakes use Magura's new Carbotecture material – described as a high-density carbon thermoplastic matrix – for the lever body, and aluminium alloy for the calliper. Brake fluid is mineral oil rather than DOT.

Bar clamps are two-piece rather than hinged, and the levers, which are said to be broader and more ergonomic than Magura's previous offerings, can be run either way up. Optional Shiftmix and Remotemix clamps let you integrate your gear shifter or remote fork lockout with the lever.

T25 torx bolts are used across the range for easy one-tool fitting and adjustment. The callipers have improved sealing compared to older Magura units, and all the brakes come with a five-year leak-proof warranty. Pads can be replaced without removing the wheel. So, those are the features all four brakes share – read on to find out about the differences between the MT models:


The top-end MT8 has a lever body made from Magura's top-tier Carbotecture SL. The lever blade and bar clamp are made from carbon fibre, using Magura's new Carbolay process, where the carbon is embroidered onto a woven structure for optimum fibre orientation and maximum strength. The clamp is said to weigh just 2g, and aluminium bolts help shave further weight.

The MT8's one-piece calliper has a large surface area and open double arch design to avoid overheating on long descents. A rotating hose fitting on the spoke side allows neat routing. Magura claim the MT8 offers "the best brake power, stiffness-to-weight ratio and ergonomics in its class". Claimed weight with a 160mm rotor is 279g. It's expected to hit shops on 1 May, for £299.

Magura mt8 disc brake: magura mt8 disc brake

Magura mt8 disc brake:


The second-tier MT6 downgrades to an aluminium lever blade and clamp. The calliper isn't quite as sculpted as on the MT8 but it gains cooling fins. Target on-sale date is 1 June. RRP is £199.

Magura mt6 disc brake: magura mt6 disc brake

Magura mt6 disc brake: magura mt6 disc brake


The MT4 uses the same calliper as the MT6. The lever is made from standard Carbotecture rather than the pricier SL variant. It's a little heavier but gains tool-free bite point adjustment. Availability is slated for 15 June, with pricing set at £139.

Magura mt4 disc brake: magura mt4 disc brake

Magura mt4 disc brake: magura mt4 disc brake


Costs are cut on the base model via the speccing of a two-piece calliper, without the rotating hose fitting found on the other three brakes. Magura say the MT delivers the same braking power as the rest of the range. It'll be released to coincide with this autumn's Eurobike trade show. RRP is £99.

Magura mt2 disc brake: magura mt2 disc brake

Magura mt2 disc brake: magura mt2 disc brake


All four brakes will come with a choice of Magura's Storm SL (140/160/180/200mm, top picture) or Storm (160/180/200mm) rotors. For more information about the MT range, visit

Magura storm sl rotors:

Magura storm rotors: magura storm rotors

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