New cycle safety mirrors for London Superhighways

Aim is to help lorry drivers see cyclists

Plans have been announced for safety mirrors along the two London Cycle Superhighways expected to open in 2010.

Mounted at left-turn traffic lights, the mirrors are intended to give motorists – particularly lorry drivers – a good view of anyone between the vehicle and the kerb.

They are one of a number of measures being considered to reduce the number of cyclists killed in collisions with goods vehicles in London.

According to Transport for London's recent draft cycle safety action plan, around half of the cyclists killed in the capital every year die in collisions with trucks, even though such vehicles represent only a small fraction of London’s traffic.

Convex-Mirrors Ltd of Bath have developed a mirror in response to the action plan. The 45cm diameter, high visibility, orange-edged convex mirror bears a Warning Cyclist logo to remind drivers to watch out for bikes.

The two Cycle Superhighways where the mirrors are to be trialled are to open in summer 2010 along the A24 and A13, in south-west and east London.

The London Cycling Campaign are urging cyclists to respond to the action plan by asking for more effective solutions to the problem of cyclist fatalities and injuries.

Of the mirrors, they say: “Though LCC welcome innovation, this is a site-specific application that can only have limited application.”

Convex-Mirrors Ltd of Bath have developed this mirror, which bears a Warning Cyclist logo

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