Northwave shoes and clothing 2014 - first look

Plus helmet range announced

Italian company Northwave have announced new road shoes and off-road shoes for the 2014 model year, plus a helmet range due to be launched at the Eurobike trade show in August. The company will now be able to outfit riders from head to toe, as their line will include cycling shoes, regular and custom apparel, accessories, footbeds, sunglasses and helmets.

All prices are to be confirmed.

Road shoes

Next year’s road shoe range is topped by the 235g Extreme Tech Plus, which continues with the Extreme Tech’s thin carbon sole but offers more ventilation. It features a stitch-free, one-piece upper, welded layers to avoid pressure points, and Northwave’s second-generation Speed Lace Winch (SLW2) lacing system. 

Using an improved stainless cord sourced from the sailing world, the SLW2 rotary closure has a curved underside to match the shape of the shoe, and allows single-click adjustment in either direction. That should mean accurate on-the-fly tweaks, or a quick release when lifted.

Replacing the Northwave Evolution as second in line, the new Galaxy has a tongueless sock construction, and is secured by two offset Velcro straps, with a wide ankle strap that stays centred as you tighten the SLW2 closure, rather than creeping across the foot. There’s no plastic heel cup, saving weight, but the shoe is said to be as secure as the Evolution. It has a full carbon sole and the upper is highly perforated for ventilation.

Northwave Galaxy

The Bullet Plus shares the thermowelded construction, integrated heel system and aggressive design of the Extreme Tech Plus, and is secured by a single Velcro strap and SLW2 closure. 

All of the above shoes have carbon soles that will accept a Northwave Speedplay adaptor, minimising the distance between foot and pedal axle.

Off-road shoes

Northwave extreme tech plus mtb shoes :

Extreme Tech Plus MTB shoe

The Extreme Tech Plus MTB is outwardly similar to the road model, with a unibody upper and two SLW2 closures, but has toe and instep rubber bumpers for protection. 

The light carbon sole is slim in the middle, and has hardwearing Vibram rubber studs that are only attached where needed rather than there being a completely rubber-covered sole. The tread isn’t the most aggressive but should be sufficient for most XC riding, and all this technology means each shoe weighs as little as 280g. Being from Northwave, the Extreme Tech Plus MTB will be offered in green fluoro (which looks more yellow/orange) or matt black.

Replacing the Northwave Striker, the Nirvana has two offset Velcro straps and an SLW2 ankle closure over a seamless, thermowelded upper that has plenty of ventilating mesh and good protection.

The new northwave nirvana mtb shoe is second in line after the extreme tech plus mtb:

Northwave Nirvana

The Hammer 6 is a cyclocross-specific shoe that has a unibody upper and an ankle-height, internal neoprene sock. There’s a large ankle loop to help entry, and it’s fastened by three Velcro straps. Although shown here in a striking Italian tricolore design, the Hammer 6 will also be available in a rather more practical black.

The new and unique hammer 6 cyclocross shoe has an ankle-high internal neoprene sock and thermowelded upper: the new and unique hammer 6 cyclocross shoe has an ankle-high internal neoprene sock and thermowelded upper

Northwave Hammer 6

Leisure shoes

The Spider Plus is a leisure shoe featuring a three-layer thermowelded upper, Vibram rubber sole and Velcro strap with an SLW2 ankle strap or conventional lace closure.

The northwave spider plus leisure shoe uses either conventional laces or an slw2 closure, plus a velcro strap at the ankle:

Northwave Spider Plus

Elsewhere, although only displayed in prototype form, the Galaxy has a sole with a definite running shoe style. Northwave’s crossbow system is designed to add spring-like comfort to the heel for walking, while the forefoot remains stiff enough for pedalling. Laces and a Velcro strap keep things secure.


Northwave’s performance cycling clothing ranges will be refined into Pro, Extreme Tech Plus, Performance and Sport categories for 2014, catering for all levels. A Logo Family line will include specific items for women and children.

And, apparently inspired by the Cities fit for Cycling campaign launched by The Times newspaper, Northwave have improved their hi-vis clothing range to partly comply with the EN standard for pedestrian visibility. 

Some of northwave's winter jackets feature a removable red led light in a bespoke pocket:

Some Northwave winter jackets will feature a removable LED in a dedicated pouch

With the tagline “Be Visible! Be Safe!”, the campaign kit places generous reflective panels on hands, elbows, knees and other prominent areas, plus plenty of fluoro yellow colour schemes. Some jackets incorporate a removable flashing LED at the rear, for extra visibility. 

For more information on Northwave see

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