Pics and vid: Animal Relentless Bike Tour and Danny MacAskill

Breathtaking footage and pics from BikeRadar Live

After an amazing three days of two-wheeled fun at DoningtonPark, the first ever BikeRadar Live event is now over, so we’ve selected the best photos for you to re-live the action or just see what you missed out on!

The Animal Relentless Bike Tour is a stunt show featuring the best trials riders, dirt jumpers and freeriders in the UK. The team regularly invite special guests to show off their moves too - guest riders at BikeRadar Live included The Clan team rider Danny MacAskill (you may have seen thatYouTube vid by now), dirt jump star Sam Pilgrim and Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Jamie Goldman.

Highlights from the Animal Relentless boys included UK trials legend Martyn Ashton performing the ‘Leap of Faith’ – balancing one wheel on an inch-wide piece of metal suspended about seven foot in the air, and hopping a six foot gap onto another inch-wide piece of metal.

Meanwhile, Sam Pilgrim showed off some of his characteristic dirt jump moves including front flips, back flips and the odd back flip no-handed tuck.  

Martyn Ashton said: “I’m still buzzing from BikeRadar Live – it was an awesome cycling event. There was such a cool vibe, and the Animal Relentless Bike Tour fitted in perfectly.

“It was an honour for me to be in that show with both Sam Pilgrim and Danny MacAskill, and looking at the famous faces in the crowd (Peaty, Minnaar, Hans Rey, Lopes etc) I think the show was going really well.”

“The really important thing that the festival had, that I think only BikeRadar Live can hope to achieve, was a sense of common cause. Top pro riders and first-time competitors mingled happily into the wee small hours each night, all talking, drinking and laughing about their common love – riding bikes.” 

Thousands look on in awe:

Thousands of people flocked to see the riders at the Animal Relentless Bike Tour

The crowds were out in force to watch Danny MacAskill perform on Sunday, and he ended the final show of the Animal Relentless Bike Tour with a very special move. To see more pictures from the show, scroll down.

To watch the four-minute video of Danny MacAskill click play below:

Martyn ashton: martyn ashton

Martyn Ashton performs the Leap of Faith

Sam pilgrim: sam pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim does a no-hand backflip

Sam pilgrim: sam pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim tail whip

Sam pilgrim: sam pilgrim

Pilgrim styles it up

Danny macaskill: danny macaskill

Danny MacAskill back flip off the ramp

Danny macaskill: danny macaskill

Danny MacAskill rounds off a special weekend at BikeRadar Live

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