Procycling Hot Laps: Andy Sexton bests Graeme Obree

Full results from the weekend's time trials

Andy Sexton (Planet X) was the clear winner of the Procycling Hot Laps, staged over the weekend of BikeRadar Live.

His time of 5'31 around the tough 2.5 mile Donington Park circuit was too good for hour record legend Graeme Obree, who managed 5'43 on his latest hand built machine. Obree had the slight (self-inflicted) handicap of a 5am return to the hotel the previous morning after getting into the spirit of things at BikeRadar Live.

Sexton was clearly delighted with his gigantic trophy, which was presented to him by Obree: "He said he'd sell me a certificate saying 'I beat Graeme Obree' for 50 quid. I told him he should ride around slowly all day and he'd make a fortune."

Andy Sexton crosses the line

Graeme Obree sets off for his lap

BikeRadar's Jeff Jones finished with the third best time

Andy Sexton is interviewed by commentator Anthony McCrossan

Sexton didn't find the hilly 2.5 mile course easy: "It was a really tough circuit. I've seen the hills on TV and it's hillier in real life than it looks on the telly. It was really windy. I got a disk on the back and a deep rimmed wheel on the front so I've come with the full gear. But coming down the curves I was getting blown about all over the place."

"It was fantastically fast on the way out with a bit of a tailwind but after that it was hard work all the way back, especially with the long drag up to the finish. I saw Obree coming up there pushing a ridiculously big gear. If he'd had a sensible gear on he might have done it a minute quicker. I think that's where he lost it.

"It was great to be able to ride on the same track as him to be honest!"

A large number of riders took part in the Procycling Hot Laps, most riding normal road bikes, some on full time trial rigs, and there was even one on a Raleigh Grifter. That rider was none other than Cycling Plus Editor Rob Spedding, who recorded an unofficial time of 11'44(ish) - although he did stop to do wheelies around the course.

The Procycling Hot Laps was one of many events the crowd could check out at BikeRadar Live

Results (best lap time over the weekend)

1 Andy Sexton 0:05:31
2 Graeme Obree 0:05:43
3 Jeff Jones 0:05:44
4 Paul Godfrey 0:05:55
5 Ben Williams0:05:55
6 Robin Wilmott 0:05:59
7 Colin Gardener 0:06:02
8 Ellis Bacon 0:06:07
9 Anders Bishop 0:06:11
10 James Thorn 0:06:12
11 Ian Simms 0:06:20
12 Oliver Humphries 0:06:21
13 Garry Palmer 0:06:24
14 Adam Harries 0:06:32
15 Peter Richardson 0:06:32
16 Jody Bett 0:06:33
17 Gary Robertson 0:06:34
18 Richard Crossley 0:06:35
19 Neil Pedoe 0:06:39
20 Andrew Kitchen 0:06:51
21 Duncan Maycroft 0:06:55
22 Ben Bowden 0:06:57
23 Andrew Tucker 0:07:06
24 Simon Withers0:07:06
25 Andrew Wendle 0:07:10
26 Paul Groundwell 0:07:17
27 Howard Johnson 0:07:52
28 Dave Smith 0:08:10

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