Rack 'em up: New gear from Küat

New cargo tray, roof racks and accessories

Küat has a few new roof rack items, including a cargo tray on a diet and the company’s first foray into roof-mounted bike trays.

A Skinny Cargo Basket

There are times when you must carry cargo, but also need space for bikes or other rooftop toys. At least that’s that what the folks at Küat were thinking when they developed the Skinny, a cargo basket that is half the width of their full-size Vagabond model.

The Skinny

The 23in-wide Skinny has a maximum load capacity of 160 pounds, can carry one bike via a 9mm quick-release mount, and features a three-piece design, allowing it to be lengthened, or shortened, to fit a variety of roof lengths. The basket has locking feet, which are designed to fit any factory or aftermarket crossbars. The Skinny will be available this spring and will retail for US$389.

New Roof Trays

Like the cargo basket, Küat’s new Rüfee bike trays are designed to be compatible with all factory and aftermarket crossbars. This fork-mounted carrier is also compatible with forks with 9mm, 15mm and 20mm axles, thanks to a smart-looking modular axle system, included with each tray.

Küat's first foray into roof-mounted bike carriers looks promising. the us$209 rüfee will be available in spring of 2013:
The Rüfee is compatible with 9mm, 15mm and 20mm axles

Like the company’s rear racks, a coated steel cable, housed in the body of the tray provides security. The US$209 Rüfee will be available in orange, silver or black in late spring 2013.

More Dirt Bags

These simple, US$17 fork holders—designed to be bolted to a 2x4, or directly to the bed of a truck—are now available in 15mm and 20mm thru-axle versions.

Küat now offeres their simple dirt bag fork-mounts in 15mm (pictured) and 20mm thru-axle versions:
Who you callin' Dirt Bag?

A Burlier Bottle Lock

While innovative, Küat’s Bottle Lock may not provide enough security for all situations. With that in mind, the company developed the Link, a burlier chain-link version of the Bottle Lock for use in areas where the risk of bicycle theft is higher. Like the Bottle Lock, the Link is designed to fit in a standard water bottle cage—though in order to house the Link’s 27-inches of chain the bottle had to me made considerably taller, which might not play well with smaller, compact frames. The US$49 Link will be available this spring.

The link is a burlier version of the bottle lock, designed for use in higher-risk areas:

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