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Latest kit to hit the BikeRadar office

There are always new products coming into us at BikeRadar and we want to let you know what's out there. Today we've got inflation from SKS, rubber from Kenda and fashionable riding clothing from Morvelo.

With a maximum pressure of an impressive 315psi the SKS USP Suspension Pump is capable of being used for both low and high pressure applications. Included in the quality wooden box are several commonly used adaptors making this an ideal workshop tool. RRP is £64.99.

SKS usp suspension pump:

SKS USP Suspension Pump

The SKS MSP Suspension pump is lightweight and compact - ideal for tucking into your backpack during a ride. By using a smart 2-stage connector the MSP loses no pressure during attachment, very useful for fine fettling. With a max pressure of 290psi it's more than capable of inflating even the most pressurised of air shocks. RRP £39.99.

SKS msp: sks msp

SKS MSP Suspension pump

Another new arrival is the SKS AIRCON 6.0 pump. This large track pump fits both Schrader and Presta valves without having to be adapted. With its large handle and footrest the AIRCON is designed with fast inflation in mind, but with a max pressure of 87psi this pump is more suitable for mountain biking than high pressure road rubber. RRP is £33.99.

SKS aircon 6.0:

SKS aircon 6.0:

SKS AIRCON 6.0 pump


Kenda have produced an all new tubeless cross-country tyre by combining features from their existing Small Block 8 and Nevegal rubber. This 2.1in version has a folding bead and uses the UST tubeless system and is already popular in the US. An inflation range of between 30 and 80psi leaves plenty of room for adjustment, being part of the John Tomac range it also holds the signature of the man himself on its sidewall. RRP is £36.99.

Kenda slant 6 dtc ust tyre:

Kenda Slant 6 DTC UST Tyre

Morvelo Clothing

New threads have arrived from the guys at the popular Morvelo Clothing company. We've got a couple of shirts from their fresh new 'High Roller' range, designed to represent the risks we all take as cyclists to follow the sport we love. With 10 design/colour combos up for grab in this range they come in at £21.99 each. 

Roulette v1 from morvelo:

Marx v2 from morvelo:

Woods from morvelo:

This is the 'Woods' shirt and is from Morvelo's 'Logo' range, a big hit in the BikeRadar office and it seems well priced at £20.

Power to the pedals cap:

Morvelo also sent across this modern spin on a classic cycle cap. 'Power To The Pedals' is available in one size and only 50 are being produced! RRP £11.99.

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