SRAM updates trigger shifters, adds X7 Type 2 rear derailleur

New X0/X9/X7 trigger shifter models

In the latest round of trickle-down news, SRAM has announced key upgrades to its X0, X9 and X7 trigger shifters, infusing many of the features currently found in the XX and XX1 models. SRAM also added a new budget-priced X7 Type 2 rear derailleur with its impressive clutched-pulley cage.

Visual changes to the 10-speed shifters are dramatic with the new X0, X9 and X7 triggers all sporting a trimmer and more streamlined shape. The X0 model also retains its adjustable cable pull lever that allows riders to more finely tune the ergonomics.

The changes are more than skin-deep, too, with all three boasting XX-level internals, including SRAM's Zero Loss mechanism for faster shifts and shorter lever throws, according to SRAM, plus ball bearings for the X0 and X9 levers. X7 will carry on with bushings to keep the cost down but the cover will sport a more convenient rubber flap for quicker cable changes.

The new XO shifters feature a trimmed-down shape similar to that of XX and XX1

All of the new shifters should be available now. We're still waiting for claimed weights from SRAM but prices are as follows:

·       SRAM X0 trigger shifters, US$262/€236 per pair

·       SRAM X9 trigger shifters, US$123/€111 per pair

·       SRAM X7 trigger shifters, US$70/€63 per pair

Also arriving in stores right now is the new X7 Type 2 rear derailleur with the same pulley-controlling roller clutch as on the current XX1, X0 and X9 Type 2 models, meaning that even riders on a tight budget will be able to enjoy quieter drivetrains, less chain slap and better chain security. Also making its way on to the X7 Type 2 rear derailleur is the same Cage Lock feature, which locks the pulley cage in a forward position and removes chain tension for easier wheel changes.

Claimed weight is 293g and suggested retail price is US$89/€80. SRAM will offer the X7 Type 2 rear derailleur in short, medium, and long pulley cages with maximum cassette cog compatibility up to 36 teeth.

The new X7 Type 2 derailleur has a clutch in the lower pulley to decrease noise and improve chain retention

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