Three for Thursday: Excel Sports

Custom build wheels and bikes, special edition jerseys and more

Excel Sports in Boulder, Colorado, became an early player in mail-order and then online retailing. Created in 1988, Excel Sports isn't some clearinghouse run by clerks; instead it's a high-end bike shop run and staffed by cycling fanatics. BikeRadar checked in with Josh McGuckin for this week's Three for Thursday.

What’s the coolest thing in your shop? "Our history"

"We have been around since 1988, and since then we have had a reliable staff of cyclists who have been loyal to the company, some have even been around since the first days," McGuckin said. "We value proper craftsman and the art of wheel building in our workshop."

Although the Internet has replaced some of the catalog business, Excel proudly displays the cover of every catalog it has created.

Excel Sports displays its  deep collection of catalog covers proudly

"Of course, some of our visitors simply love to check out our pets," McGuckin said, "including the shipping department's snake and our showroom's saltwater fish tank."

What are you personally lusting after right now? "Capo Country Kits"

"How am I supposed to choose?" McGuckin said. "Right now I would love to be riding a new Ridley Helium SL on the roads, an Intense Hard Eddie on the trails and doing all of it while wearing a country kit that Capo made exclusively for us."

Capo created a line of country kits for excel: capo created a line of country kits for excel
Want a Belgium, Ireland or Switzerland kit from Capo? Visit

What are your current best sellers? "Dream builds"

"From day one we have stocked a large inventory of the latest parts, components, wheels and frames in order to build up exactly what a cyclist wants to ride," McGuckin said. "We have always had a staff of cyclists who know the products and can help spec the bike of your dreams and we have a staff of mechanics and wheel builders who take their time and are meticulous when building up custom equipment. In our view you shouldn’t have to settle with the bike you see on the floor, you should be able to pick the parts and build it the way you want it."

Excel specializes in custom builds like this ridley with yellow-highlighted special edition sram red : excel specializes in custom builds like this ridley with yellow-highlighted special edition sram red
You typically can't buy bikes like this, with limited-edition yellow Red, off the floor of a shop

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