Zircotec anti-wear coating - First look

Promises high performance braking for carbon wheels

We’ve just received these carbon wheels that have been given a special zirconia rim treatment by British company Zircotec.

The plasma-sprayed carbon/ceramic coating is said to both improve braking performance and increase the life of the rim.

The process is widely used in the motor industry – on the likes of the Lamborghini Murcielago, Ariel Atom V8 and 70 percent of the Formula 1 grid – mainly to protect carbon at very high temperatures.

Zircotec’s Peter Whyman says: “Testing using standard rubber blocks suggests that our coating offers a significant improvement in stopping distances and no wear to the coating or wheel rim.”

The Oxford-based firm are looking to partner with wheel manufacturers to offer pre-built sets of ready-coated rims, and say that the technology will add around 10 percent to the price of a standard wheelset.

Zircotec apply a coating to a carbon fibre car part: zircotec apply a coating to a carbon fibre car part

Zirconia is applied to a carbon car part

So far the coating has been tested by triathlete Dexter Gradius, and we’ll be putting them to the test too. Keep an eye on BikeRadar for a full review.

Matthew Cole
Author: Matthew Cole
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