Best mountain bike lights

Stay safe on the trails at night with 2014's best lights

A good front bike light frees you up to ride at any time – whether you want to take to the trails at night or just beat the shorter days in winter.

Here, we round up the best trail lights reviewed by Mountain Biking UKWhat Mountain Bike and BikeRadar from this year's tests.

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To find out how we tested them and learn more about what features you should look for in a mountain bike light, read our buyer’s guide. And to see beam shots for the lights listed below, take a look at the individual reviews.

2014's best mountain bike lights

These lights all scored four-and-a-half out of five in recent tests.

Hope R4

£200 / US$373 / AU$449

"Hope has finally delivered on its long-hinted-at potential with one of our favourite lights of 2014. The four-LED head unit gives massive peripheral coverage for exellent trail context, and it comes with a varitety of mounting options."

Read our full review of the Hope R4.

Lumicycle Enduro Explorer

£285 / US$455 / (AU$N/A, but can be bought from Lumicycle website and shipped internationally)

"The top-of-the-ange Explorer now has better sealing and shock proofing, and throws a ton of light down the trail as far as you can usefully see. It also offers great-user friendliness, reliability and long-term upgrade ability."

Read our full review of the Lumicycle Enduro Explorer.

Beema AS-2000 – best value light of 2014

£147 (approx US$236 / approx AU$268, shipped internationally from

"Beema’s updated twin-LED lamp is extremely powerful for the price but doesn’t skimp on features. It throws lots of light down in front of the wheel and in the mid-distance, which makes it comparable with lights that cost double the price."

Read our full review of the Beema AS-2000.

This table provides a summary of the features the three best lights from this year's tests.

Hope R4 Beema AS-2000 Lumicycle Enduro Explorer
Price £200 / US$373 / AU$449 £147 / approx US$236 / approx AU$268 excluding shipping £285 / US$455 / AU$TBC
Run time (tested) 3 hrs 55 mins 3 hrs 10 mins 2 hrs 45 mins
Weight (total) 454g 460g 403g
LEDs Four Cree XP-G2 Two Cree XM-L2 U2 Three Cree XML2
Lumens 1,500 (actual, full power) 2,000 (theoretical, high power) 3,000 (theoretical, high power)
Battery 4 cell ES or standard 6600mAh 7.4V Li-ion rechargeable 2.6mAh Li-Ion
Mounts Bar, helmet or head harness Two O-rings Bar

Also worth a look

These lights all scored four out of five in recent tests.

MagicShine MJ-880

£159.95 (approx US$257 / AU$470, excluding shipping from

"MagicShine’s twin LED MJ-880 is practical, powerful and great value. It gives a broad peripheral light with a defined centre, and the run times are reasonable even at full power."

Read our full review of the MagicShine MJ-880.

Gemini Duo 4-cell

£175 / US$259.95 / AU$279.95

"The Gemini Duo 4 Cell’s tiny twin-LED head unit delivers 1,500 lumens of punchy long-distance light. Reliability on every Gemini light we’ve ever used has been excellent too and they’re better priced than similarly versatile and tunable units."

Read our full review of the Gemini Duo 4 Cell.

MTB Batteries Lumen 2200

£135 / US$N/A / AU$N/A

"The Lumen 2200 is MTB Batteries' most powerful light yet. The miniature binocular design houses twin LEDs that give a decent peripheral to keep you aware of current riding context and the generous battery capacity means run time is unlikely to be an issue."

Read our full review of the MTB Batteries Lumen 2200.

Hope R8 

£350 / US$588 / AU$N/A

"The amount of light intensity from the front tyre to way down the trail is outstanding, making the R8 a no-compromise night blaster."

Read our full review of the Hope R8.

Exposure Equinox

 £264.95 / €337.40 / US$425.68 / AU$TBC

"The Equinox gives a usefully broad, consistent coverage 2,000-lumen output that lights up the trail as far as you can reasonably see."

Read our full review of the Exposure Equinox.

GloWorm X2 v3

£170 / US$269 / AU$TBC

"If you’re looking for maximum punch for your pound – or beam for your buck – in terms both of weight and cost, Gloworm’s updated X2 light is a knockout."

Read our full review of the Gloworm X2 V3.

Gemini Olympia 2100 6 cell

£219.99 / US$329.95 / AU$349.95

"The Olympia 2100's beam mixes decent peripheral coverage with plenty of central detail and reasonable reach, and the huge run times mean the latter is not an issue on the trail."

Read our full review of the Gemini Olympia 2100 6 cell.

Lumicycle Summit Enduro

£244.95 / US$391.92 (AU$N/A, but can be bought from Lumicycle website and shipped internationally)

"Lumicycle has been producing brilliantly practical and bombproof lights in the UK for years. The Summit Enduro's run times are impressive, and it gives plenty of light and reach on the trail."

Read our full review of the Lumicycle Summit Enduro.

Also reviewed this year

The rest of the lights we tested this year, and what they scored:

  • MTB Batteries Lumen 800 – 3.5 stars
  • Niterider Pro Race 1800 – 3.5 stars
  • Lupine Piko 4 SC – 3 stars
  • Niterider Pro 3600 Enduro – 3 stars
  • CatEye Volt1200 – 3 stars
  • Light & Motion Taz 1500 – 3 stars
  • Moon X-power 2500 – 3 stars
  • Light and Motion Seca 2000 Enduro – 3 stars
  • Lezyne MegaDrive Loaded – 2.5 stars
  • One23 Extreme Bright Duo 2000 - 2.5 stars
  • Niteye B30 – 2.5 stars
  • One23 Extreme Bright Quatro – 2.5 stars
  • MyTinySun Folkslight – 2.5 stars

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