Top 5 pro cycling sunglasses

We run a lustful gaze over the finest bike-friendly eyewear

A good pair of sunglasses performs the vital twin functions of protecting your eyes and making you look cool outside the coffee shop. Here we round up five of the finest to look out for in 2016.

The lineup includes, it almost goes without saying, glasses behemoth Oakley in the form of it's huge-lensed and heavy-priced Jawbreakers, while Lazer's Solid States, as worn by Adam Hansen, deliver a top-notch combo of performance and value. 

Rudy Project's Tralyx feature a loud design with vents and cutouts, and the Multistrata Evo specs from lesser-known French brand Ekoi have unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and weigh in at just 25g. 

Last but not least are Smith's PivLock Arena Max – they're rimless, with arms attaching straight to the lens for an uninterrupted field of vision.

Top 5 pro cycling glasses of 2016

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