X-Tools Wallmount bike storage hanger£9.99

Robust wall hook

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The X-Tools bike hanger is a fairly wide unit with a short, downward-facing hook that doesn't sag under load as much as on some similar models.

The downside of the angled hook is that it's trickier getting bikes on and off the rack, especially if space is tight.

It only takes five minutes to fit the hanger and once in place it enables you to store your bike upright to save space.

While its width makes it ideal for fat mountain bike tyres, the curved side rails are of little use when it's a road wheel that's mounted on the hook. If the bike is bumped, there's nothing to stop the wheel shifting sideways.

Although the hook has enough of a curve that the bike shouldn't fall off altogether, your pride and joy could get damaged if there are any objects nearby to swing into.

That said, this is a fine rack for mountain bikers, and more robust than some other options on the market.

X-Tools wallmount bike storage hanger: x-tools wallmount bike storage hanger

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