DZ Nuts chamois cream £11.99

Skin care with humour

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Chamois cream is designed to prevent saddle sore and increase your comfort. There is a plethora of options available. Dave Zabriskie, a former WorldTour rider with a chequered past, has put his name to DZ Nuts chamois cream, a product with personality that stands out from the crowd.

Made from a long list of natural ingredients which claim to offer anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and anti-chaffing properties, DZ Nuts is a true cream that’s easy to apply to the skin and doesn’t have a greasy or wet feeling. There’s a lasting cooling feeling and the cream is well-lasting to avoid friction late in a ride or post-ride.

The 120ml (4oz) tube is a similar size to other major branded jars, such as Assos chamois cream. As it's a tube, sharing the cream with other riders is far more acceptable than sharing cream from a jar when the need arises.

The high price stops it scoring more highly, but it works exactly how a good chamois cream should. In the end, chamois cream is a very personal item, but the packaging and directions alone are enough to make us smile – as Zabriskie puts it, it’s “maintaintanance”.

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