Lupine Wilma 5 front light £395

Outstanding trail illumination

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Lupine’s ‘essentials only’ version of the Wilma LED combines superb performance with great value. The four-LED Wilma head gets more efficient circuitry for easily the brightest LED output in its class – in fact, the standard ‘low’ setting is as bright as competitors.

Despite its low weight and tiny size, the battery still runs for three hours at full chat. The new ‘on-lamp’ switch gives life at start-up, output and low power information, as well as having programmable power outputs and dimming menus.

The O-ring handlebar mount is among the simplest and most secure we’ve used.

The 5’s charger is simpler than before, but car adaptor and helmet mount are now sold separately. That said, outstanding performance like this for under £400 is still a great deal.

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