Updated: Fenix TK11 torch £69

Affordable helmet lighting

BikeRadar score 2.5/5

The Fenix is basically a torch that you can buy a handlebar/helmet mount for (£7 extra). The single LED certainly packs a punch in lux terms and the ultra tight pencil beam makes it a tempting choice for fast riding helmet use.

The TK11 has two brightness settings – turbo (225 lumens, claimed) and general (60 lumens) – and gives decent distance throw even in the ‘twist to engage’ standard power setting. The pool of light on the trail is tiny though, so you have minimal time to try to judge any trail obstacles that just went through it.

Also, contrast with the peripheral light spread means distracting halo rings so it’s best left for road or more simple off-road trails if you’re sticking it on the handlebar. If you’re thinking of blasting through technical trails at mach 10, we’d suggest you mount it on your helmet and use it in conjunction with another, less focused light.

In its favour, the Fenix’s stealth looks are matched by robust waterproof reliability – it survived countless soakings and a spectacular crash – and the body will take either a single 18650 Li-Ion battery (2.9 hours’ runtime on turbo mode, 12 hours on general mode) or the more common CR123A batteries (1.5 hours on turbo, 10 hours on general).

The rear on/off button is easy to operate with gloved hands, and the twin-strap rubber Twofish Lock Block mount gives a reasonably stable hold on both lid or bars. This light also comes with a complementary belt pouch if you’d like to indulge any A-Team style fantasies.

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