Abus Granit eXtreme lock review£169.99

Heavyweight hardcore security

BikeRadar score4/5

Take Abus's superb Xplus, put it on steroids and you’ll get the eXtreme. It’s everything the Xplus is, turned up to 11. 

Our first test, using the tools most often carried by bicycle thieves, left the eXtreme unmarked – it simply shrugged off any physical attacks.

When we took out the power tools for test two it took just shy of two minutes to cut through the shackle – but it’s worth knowing the amount of noise and sparks an angle grinder creates. 

The eXtreme is intended for scooters and motorbikes, but if you’re riding around on an expensive bike and having to lock it up around town, then the eXtreme is an extreme option – not least in its nearly 3kg weight penalty.

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