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"Not as secure as a similarly priced U-lock, but a colourful, easy-to-use backup lock"

Friday, March 11, 2011 2.00pm By

Most cable locks don’t offer anything like the protection of a good D-lock or chain, but they are lighter and are more adaptable. Usually they have a steel braided cable covered with some sort of armour; crush through the armour and the small cable is easily severed.

The Kransky, though, has a 20mm diameter steel cable made up of six smaller cables braided together with a central nylon core; when you try to cut through these they tend to crush and spread. The Kransky stayed together even when the steel braids were cut – we had to finish the job with a knife.

That said, we still broke the Kransky in just shy of a minute which isn’t great for a £40 lock, though it’s impressive for a cable. The thick silicone skin – available in red, black, blue or white – protects your precious paintwork or anything else it shares a bag with, while the supplied tool-free frame mount is clever too.

The 88cm length can be coiled double to take up less space and you get three keys, so you can stash a spare at work and one at home. There's a lighter Party Frank version (£16.99) too, although we got through that with one snip from a pair of wire cutters. Weight for the Kransky is 900g.

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Kransky lock (11)

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Black Orange Purple Red White
• Patented seamless overmould using medical grade UV stable silicone. • Braided loose bound steel cable with fibre core (making cable more secure in the event of bolt cutter attack). 3 Colour coded overmoulded keys with wrist coil • 1000 combination blade style lock cylinder • 11mm Stainless steel locking shackle • No leverage points • Cable Diameter 22mm, Steel Cable diameter 12mm • Non Mark / Scratch surface • 4 Colours • Tooless bike mount attachment also available • Length: 880mm • Material: Silicone overmoulded braided steel cable with fibre core

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