Wingnut MPS Alpha backpack£145.00

Versatile modular pack

BikeRadar score4/5

Wingnuts are so named after the distinctive side pockets that characterise their design. This flagship model is actually modular – three separate packs combine in various ways to transform it from a simple bum bag to a 41L rucksack.

Not that it ever feels that big to ride with, thanks to its ingenious combination of easy access side pouches, cinching straps and mesh. The pack sits more towards the lower back than others, and this is where it excels, causing no soreness even when carrying overnight kit on a multi-day, off-road tour.

For such a complex design, the instruction manual is woefully brief, so it takes some time to unearth the secrets of this incredibly versatile system. 

The price is very high, but at least we can see where the money has gone. Using incredibly light sail fabric and waterproof zips (the pack weighs just 1.1kg), the build quality is superb and it still looks brand new after months of hard use.

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