Crud Raceguard rear mudguard review



Crud Race rear mudguard

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60.0 out of 5 stars

"Bar the one-bolt issue, Crud hold the mountain bike mudguard crown for good reason"

Friday, November 26, 2010 10.00am By

The matching rear guard to the classic Crud Catcher has a simple, easy to use one-bolt tightening and adjustment setup. The aluminium nut and bolt can overtighten, so go easy on the Allen keys and heavy on the grease to stop the parts fusing together.

This issue is compounded by the nut only having a light knurling – it can strip the plastic and be a nightmare to undo. The fender parts clip together like Lego.

Out on trail the mud protection is great. The plastic is stiff enough not to bend and buzz your tyre when laden with mud, but flexible enough not to hack your legs if you stack.

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Race guard rear

• Single bolt. • Attaches to seat post
Weight (g):
Available Colours:
Black Clear Graphite

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