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"Outstanding protection, gorgeous MX looks - what's not to love?"

Saturday, November 24, 2007 12.00am By

Don't be fooled by the chunky look of the DH Fender as it's made from super-light Lexan, which feels a bit like something a kids' toy should be made from, but don't be fooled by that either because Lexan is one of those clever materials around and will return to its original form no matter what you throw at it.

And what we threw at it was MegaAvalanche. We destroyed bikes, wheels, saddles and four sets of forks but not this fender, which with its deep curving shape fought off mud, rocks and pretty much saved our tester's good looks. We tried the DH model (which by the way makes any bike appear gnarlier and faster, thereby imbuing the rider with the same powers), but there is a skinnier XC version available.
Also, because Lexan is expensive, they make a cheaper, plastic version that's the same in every other way, but to be honest, we'd go without beer for however long it took to save for this one. Oh, and did we mention we liked it?

Weight: 148g

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