Lezyne Smart Wallet £16.99

Cycle jersey-sized wallet

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

What's so smart about this wallet then? After all, it looks much like any other wallet, albeit a little bit larger. Well, that size is the clue.

Lezyne’s Smart Wallet is designed to fit snugly in your cycling jersey pocket while having enough room to carry all the essentials you’re likely to need when you’re out riding.

It has internal pockets designed to take a range of Lezyne’s tools – their Smart Kit puncture patches, RAP-6 multi-tool and tiny white Matrix tyre levers – as well as sections for cash and credit cards.

It also has a waterproof internal pocket to keep your mobile safe from the elements, and a wide Velcro strip keeps everything secure.

All in all, a well thought out product. And if you don’t have any tools to put in it, for £27.99 you can get the Smart Wallet Loaded, which comes with the tools and patches, though sadly not the credit cards or cash.

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