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Zoggs Le Towel

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"Great idea for light packers"

Friday, July 10, 2009 1.00pm By

For those who like to travel light, this tiny towel is great for stashing in your bag when you go training or head to a race.

It’s made from a special microfibre material that absorbs water effectively but won’t cling onto it, so it dries quickly. Better still, there’s no need to dry it out completely – just stuff it straight back in the carry case that comes with it.

Because of the smooth, slightly rubbery texture, it feels a bit odd, though it’s very soft and not uncomfortable.

Despite the strange texture and its miniscule size it does a really effective job of drying. It’s also designed to be tearproof so should survive any rough encounters in transition.

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Le Towel (09)

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80cm x 40cm

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