Kreitler Challenger 4.5in rollers review£279.00

Super-smooth training

BikeRadar score4/5

Kreitler have a reputation as the king of rollers and this extensively upgradeable, silk-smooth set are in a class of their own. There’s a bit of spannering to start, but subsequent wheelbase adjustment is tool-free.

Lack of end stops, tall ride height and ‘icy’ feel of the big metal rollers is intimidating initially. Man up though and the big rollers get up to speed quickly, which increases the gyroscopic effect for a stable, high-speed feel.

Initially low noise increases with the easy wheel speed, but the silk feel underwheel is fantastic. If you need more resistance , add a headwind fan or rear flywheel. Higher resistance 3in (£249) and 2.25in (£329) full alloy rollers are available, plus you can get full alloy 4.5in rollers for £349.

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