Condor Tempo£699.99

Simple and versatile fixie

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Condor’s Tempo is everything a fixie should be – and everything a good road bike should be too. It’ll happily double as a winter training bike or weekend blaster as well as the urban warrior application that’s been a mainstay of fixies for years.

Condor is based in London’s Holborn – pretty much the Ground Zero of the UK’s fixie revolution – so you might expect its Tempo to be an exercise in retro-street cool.

It is a cool bike, but also much, much more. Condor has been making bikes for 60 years and the Tempo is not a bandwagon-jumping new addition to the growing fixie line up.

Ride & handling: sweet steel; classic road feel

The Tempo rides like a steel bike should – smooth, sweet and light. It feels like a really good road bike should too.

Its handling is sharp, but not too sharp, it's stable but not sluggish and it rides like a bike that is even lighter than it is.

Even though our Tempo was a touch long the position and contact points were so well sorted that it still proved extremely comfortable.

In action the Tempo feels every inch the refined road bike and you hardly notice you’re on a fixie at all – just don’t forget when the lights turn red!

Frame: versatile & beautifully put together

At the Tempo’s heart is a beautifully put together triple butted chromoly frame and fork with bottle bosses, cable guides, drilling for rear brake and rack and guard mounts. There are plenty of colour and custom options on offer too.

Condor hasn’t forgotten the true virtues of a fixed or singlespeed machine: simplicity and versatility.

The simplicity comes from the practically maintenance-free drivetrain, while the versatility is provided by a frame with plenty of bottle bosses plus rack and mudguard mounts.

Equipment: quality package

The Tempo has a really well thought out component set-up with comfy handlebars and saddle, sorted brakes and levers, and quality Miche chainset.

The Tempo’s smart, triple-butted steel frame combines functionality with style too and the rest of the components and finishing kit follow this same approach.

Our Tempo came with front and rear brakes even though it was set-up in fixed mode and we thought this a good thing. We didn’t use the rear brake much but going down bigger hills it was nice to have some insurance.

The gearing on our bike was fairly low so climbing and acceleration wasn’t a problem. Surprisingly nor was descending, even when you let it go in fixed mode. We put this down to the combination of the Tempo’s sure-footed handling and lower weight.

Racks and mudguards may not be cool but to the mile-eating winter trainer or the all weather commuter, they can make all the difference. Pay an extra £25 when you buy it and Condor will fit guards for you.

The no-nonsense Alex rims are light, strong and reliable.

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