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Human Kinetics "Breathe Strong, Perform Better" by Alison McConnell"

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"A must-read easily accessible book on the science of breathing muscle training"

Sunday, October 16, 2011 11.00am By

Professor Alison McConnell is the world’s leading expert on breathing training. The book is a product of 20 years of scientific research into how breathing muscles contribute to movement and performance in sport.

Elite athletes and sports scientists were the early adopters of breathing muscle training as a time efficient tool (five minutes per day) for gaining a performance advantage. Slowly but surely, the proven science behind the technique has filtered down to the grassroots level.

If the science of breathing interests you, then you’ll find the first part of the book fascinating, where research is covered logically and accessibly. However, if it's really only the practical applications you are after, then go straight to part two.

Here, clear guidance and illustrations of the exercises and techniques make for easy understanding. Performance improvements in swimming, cycling and running (together with rowing) are the most positively influenced by the training of breathing muscles.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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"Breathe Strong, Perform Better" by Alison McConnell
Human Kinetics

The science of breathing, breathing muscle training and its practical applications
Alison McConnell

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