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Great recovery with your feet up or on the go

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Whether or not you buy the argument that cold water submersion speeds recovery, you can’t say that it doesn’t feel good. Enter 110% Play Harder’s Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeves, which can be used as regular compression garments but also come with reusable Ice Sheets. 

Most companies’ compression kit is accompanied by a tall stack of claims, and 110% are no different: enhanced circulation, increased oxygen update, limited muscle vibration… We’re no physiologists, but the Double Life Sleeves feel great after a long ride. 

We’ve found that compression calf sleeves in general work fairly well at reducing post-ride soreness. Adding ice to the package in a convenient format greatly amplifies the benefit. 

Here’s how it works – the Ice Sheets are pieces of absorbent cloth that you soak in water and then freeze. A double layer of the compression material then provides a pocket for the Sheets to slide into. Each pair of Sleeves comes with four Ice Sheets, and a thermal bag that claims to keep them frozen for up to six hours.

The end result is real-world recovery. You get the benefits of compression and that cold-water soak while still being at home, on your feet and present for duty. 

110% offer similar products for the quads, and in the form of tights, knickers and shorts

The calf sleeves provide effective compression and ice therapy:
The calf sleeves provide effective compression and ice therapy:

The Double Life Sleeves filled with Ice Sheets – they work better than they look!

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