Altura Altitude Gloves £30

A lightweight windproof glove for early winter

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Altura's Altitude is basically a standard full-finger MTB glove with a wind- and water-resistant membrane.

These aren’t aimed at riders braving polar conditions, but rather those who are heading out for a few hours on classic mixed-weather UK winter afternoons.

This unfussy glove isn’t especially thermal, but it’s warm enough for most short winter exploits. It's suited to rides where wind chill rather than wetness is the enemy, although because the insulation layer is thinner than most, this does reduce drying time and water absorption.

The slightly loose liners make them a bit of a faff to pull on, particularly with wet hands, but they don't slide around too much and the relatively thin fingers increase dexterity.

There are no snot wipes, though, and the rough shell fabric is a nostril nightmare. Altura's sizing is smaller than most and the thumbs on our XL gloves were particularly tight so, if possible, try before you buy.

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