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Maloja San Marco jacket

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"There's lots of style in this top to love but it's expensive for what it is technically"

Thursday, November 3, 2011 2.00pm By

The San Marco isn't full-on trail tough or even warm enough to be worn alone for winter use. However, used as a crossover bike/urban piece on cool autumn days it was great.

The fabric is slightly heavier through the front and upper back, with stretchier knit sleeves and lower back. That means that although it looks like a neat fit off the bike, it moves with you and doesn’t feel constricting when you ride.

It looks what fashion types would call very smart/casual, but has bike friendly detail in the zip flap/guard and generous back pockets. We paired it with a short-sleeve base layer, and once on it tended to stay on all day, not looking out of place around town but meaning that we didn’t have to make any compromises in practicality when hopping on the bike either.

The San Marco’s looks are what will attract most people – fixie riders in skinny jeans are probably beating a path to its door right now – so yes, we know it’s expensive, but if you love it, you love it.

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