Rapha Stowaway jacket £170

Stylish but spendy breathable waterproof

BikeRadar score 4/5

Rapha hit the nail on the head with its new Stowaway when it comes to looks, style and function. 

The soft, stretchy material on this jacket is water-resistant and copes well in a short shower, but is designed to be better at transporting sweat than providing rain resistance, and here it does a sterling job.

Helping to keep weight to a minimum, only the areas hardest hit around the shoulders are taped to fight wind and rain. The cut is true racer style, with no flapping, and it also has a drop tail, waterproof zip and packs small to put in your back pocket.

A great choice for the racer with boutique tastes who wants a lightweight and stylish summer jacket.

 If you’re asking "How much?!" then the Stowaway jacket isn’t for you, though, and if style doesn't matter much to you, there isn't quite £170's-worth of performance here.

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