DHB M1 shoes £40

Lightweight shoe that give plenty for the price tag

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

At this price, the M1s punch well above their weight. They look like racing shoes and perform perfectly well in that role; their stiff reinforced nylon soles delivers the power superbly.They are still forgiving enough for those moments when you have to dismount. 

They're not as aesthetically gifted as some, but they're good, lightweight budget shoes.

The nylon mesh panels allow for good breathability and dry out quickly when they get wet. Three Velcro straps cover the lightweight manmade uppers and hold them very securely to your feet.

Inside you’ll find that a thin stretchy neoprene tongue keeps your feet comfortable, while a hardier outer tongue takes care of all the protection duties. Padded heels and ankles finishes off a comfy fit for these great-value racers that look and perform likes shoes with a much higher price tag.

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